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If you're considering a concrete driveway some of the questions you may have are:

  1. How much does a concrete driveway cost?  Will a concrete driveway holdup through Houston's varied weather conditions?  Will a concrete driveway crack more than an asphalt driveway?  How can I protect myself from hiring the wrong concrete driveway contractor?  Rest assured, for over 30 years, Vernon Scott Cement Finisher's has been paving driveways in Houston.

If you’re considering a concrete driveway, you should definitely have us come out and give you a free consultation and estimate on your project.  Many people wonder what the difference is between concrete and asphalt driveways. Are you unsure if concrete is the best choice for your driveway? Here are some facts that may make your decision easier…  Concrete driveways are often preferred because of their low maintenance compared to asphalt. Concrete driveways once installed and sealed require very little care. Unlike asphalt driveways that need to be resealed every 3 years, concrete is mostly maintenance free.  Another reason why so many homeowners choose a concrete driveway is because of how its curb appeal and how nice it looks compared to a black asphalt driveway.

Vernon Scott Cement Finishers has been delivering beautiful concrete driveways to homeowners and businesses in Houston and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free consultation or estimate at (832) 515-5334!

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VSCF forms and pours foundations for residential and commercial projects. The foundation of a home or building is essential to the value and safety of the structure. The construction must be done correctly in terms of the type of foundation being formed to avoid problems with settlement and properly prepare the subgrade through final curing stages. Each phase of foundation construction has necessary requirements and components upon which a structure depends.

Most foundations are slab on grade. As the name suggests, a slab is a single layer of concrete, several inches thick. The slab is poured thicker at the edges, to form an integral footing with reinforcing rods strengthening the thickened edge. The slab normally rests on a bed of crushed gravel to improve drainage. A grid of steel rebar in the concrete reduces the chance of cracking.

Whether you need a small pad for a propane tank or a 20,000 square foot commercial building, let VSCF assist you with a foundation and other concrete needs.

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Turn your backyard into the entertainment center of your household with friends and family gathering there to enjoy the wonderful weather. You can also make it a personal retreat where you can find peace after a busy day. Concrete gives you complete creative freedom to bring the style and elements of your indoor rooms to the outdoors.

The concrete patio is gaining in popularity as an essential element in today's backyards despite stiff competition from wood decks. In most areas of the country, poured concrete is the most commonly used outdoor surface material in luxury home construction, coming in ahead of concrete pavers and natural stone. With more decorative options than ever before, concrete patios are attracting homeowners who want an outdoor surface that offers the ultimate in design versatility. Concrete patios also have the edge when it comes to durability and low maintenance.

In addition to serving as a gathering spot for lounging and entertaining, concrete patios allow homeowners to seamlessly blend interior and exterior living spaces. It is the perfect decorative flooring surface for outdoor kitchens and living rooms, coordinating well with cozy seating areas, fireplaces and water features. What's more, this outdoor floor offers unlimited design options. When enhanced by integral colors and stains, concrete patios can be color coordinated to match a home's exterior or landscape. They can also be stamped or engraved in patterns that mimic brick, flagstone, slate and tile. Concrete is easily formed into any shape to accommodate backyard space restrictions.

Upgrading your backyard with a decorative concrete patio is an investment that will provide many years of enjoyment while improving the look of your landscape. If you have an existing concrete patio, we also tell you about ways to give your old patio a decorative makeover by resurfacing, staining or engraving.


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